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What is Digital Planning?

What is a Digital Planner?
A digital planner, in many ways is just like a paper planner. The main difference is it is in digital form rather than paper. The planner is a PDF that you import into a note-taking app. Instead of a pen you use it on an iPad or tablet with an Apple pencil or stylus.

What do I need to use a digital planner?
To use our planners, you need to have a PDF ANNOTATION APP such GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, etc. These can be purchased from the APP store. Our planners don’t work with OneNote or Canva.

How do I import my planner into GoodNotes?
Once you have saved your files to your iPad you can choose one of two ways import your files into GoodNotes.

1 Open the GoodNotes app, tap the + NEW Button.
3 Go to the location of your file, eg. Dropbox
4 Select the file you wish to open and it will automatically import into GoodNotes.

1 Locate your files from the FILES app. (Make sure you have unzipped any Zip files)
2 Tap and hold th PDF file you wish to use. Once the option menu  pops up, tap SHARE.
3 Scroll down this option menu until you see OPEN IN GOODNOTES and select it.
4 Follow the prompts and your file will now open and also be listed in your GoodNotes Documents.