Getting Started with Digital Planning

Getting Started with Digital Planning

Getting Started with Digital Planning

If you thinking about trying digital planning, here are the things you will need:

1 – A digital planner
A digital planner is a hyperlinked PDF that you use in an app that you can annotate PDFs. (eg. GoodNotes)

2 – Annotation app
There are lots out  there – here are some to consider:
• Goodnotes
• Notability
• Zoomnotes
• Xodo
• Noteshelf

3 – Device
You’ll need a tablet or iPad. (As digital planners don’t work well without a stylus pen, make sure your tablet is compatible with a stylus.) Technically they do work on an iPhone, but the screen is so small it’s not ideal. And also the stylus compatibility may be an issue too.

4 – Stylus Pen
The main feature of using a digital planner is the ability to write in it like you would write in a paper planner. Therefore a stylus pen or Apple Pencil is key to getting the most out of your digital planner.

5 – Accessories
Another great feature of digital planning is the way you can decorate your planner and personalise it.
There are lots of ways to do this, and PNGs are the most flexible file format as they have a transparent background and can be layered over the top of other images or text. Some examples are:
• Digital stickers
• Digital washi tape
• Digital sticky notes
• Clipart
• Illustrations, graphics, images

Trialling a planner is a great way to see if works with your device and app of choice and also if you like it’s look and feel.If you would like to try our digital planner – join our VIP Freebie Library where you gain access to a FREE sample planner plus some extra digital goodies.